Fought the Turkish team, but lost
Date: 24 January 2019, 16:06
Source: Press service Dinamo KAZAN
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Fought the Turkish team, but lost

The home match of the 3rd round of the Champions League Dinamo KAZAN started with difficulty, but then they coped with excitement, gave battle to Turkish “Eczacibasi”, but the players did not have enough luck to finish with a tie-break.

The match started with the ceremony of raising a symbolic #10 game shirt with the name of Jordan Larson in Kazan Volleyball Center, who had played in Dinamo KAZAN for 5 years before Eczacibasi and helped Dinamo to win the Champions League in 2014. Kazan remembers its heroes!

Starting line-ups. Before the match, Dinamo KAZAN lost its main outside-spiker Anastasia Bavykina, and Rishat Gilyazutdinov sent young girls in this position trying to replace her: Tatyana Kadochkina, Anna Kotikova and opposite Daria Malygina. At the same time Marco Aurelio Motta displayed his four famous legionnaires: opposite Tijana Bošković, outside-spikers Jordan Larson and Yeon-Koung Kim, middle-blocker Lauren Gibbemeyer. They were assisted by setter Ezgi Dilik and middle-blocker Büsra Kilicli.

1st set. The excitement of the young Kadochkina led to several mistakes at the beginning of the match - 1: 5. However, she soon got better, also the central blockers Koroleva and Maryukhnich played well in the attack - 10:15. The guests have already found their serve and were able to completely destroy the Kazan team - 12:20. Of course, the hosts continued to fight and even blocked Kim - 16:23, - but there was obviously no chance.

2nd set. Dinamo KAZAN tried to start successfully in the next set with the attacks of Kadochkina - 5: 4. But “Eczacibasi” quickly seized the initiative - 6: 8. Jordan Larson’s serving collapsed the hosts - 7:12. Aces of Kim and Bošković increased the gap in the score - 11:19.

3rd set. Two aces of Evgeniya Startseva gave Dinamo Kazan a good start - 5: 2. And although the Turkish tried to regain the initiative - 6: 8, - but this time Dinamo did not give up and on the serve of Kadochkina they again took the lead - 13: 8. The struggle continued until the very end - 21:21. But then Gilyazutdinov successfully let Alexandra Pasynkova to the serve, and the Kazan block managed to stop the poorly organized attacks of the guests.

4th set. "Eczacibasi " came out literally furious - 3: 7. The good serves of Startseva and Kotikova - 12:10. An equal fight continued in the fourth set - 22-24, - but the spike of Tijana Boskovic, nevertheless, decided the outcome of the match.

Sergey Sikachev, assistant coach of Dinamo KAZAN:

- In the first two sets we looked for opportunities, got used to the style of the game of the opponent. But then they calmed down, nervosity went away, and we began to play. Unfortunately, we rarely manage to play with such a top team on equal terms.

Tatiana Kadochkina, outside-spiker of Dinamo KAZAN:

- At first we really worried. But then adrenaline and emotions appeared, and we were able to join the game. I hope that this will continue and we will start playing not from the middle of the match, but from the very first serve.

Marco Aurelio Motta, head coach of Eczacibasi Vitra ISTANBUL:

- It was a nice game, we played well 3 sets and Kazan served well. Last two sets they served very well. I think the serve was the key in the match. When you win the first two sets and Kazan pushed the serves last two sets.

Champions League. Pool B. 3rd tour.
Dinamo KAZAN (Russia) – Eczacibasi Vitra ISTANBUL (Turkey) - 1:3 (16:25, 16:25, 25:22, 22:25)
22nd January. Russia. Kazan. Volleyball Center “Saint Petersburg”.
Referee: Puecher A. (Italy). Match time: 1.39 (21+21+28+29)).
Dinamo: Maryukhnich (9), Koroleva (14), Kotikova (13), Startseva – C (4), Kadochkina (13), Malygina – starting line-up, Ulanova (libero), Kochurina, Pasynkova (1), Mikyskova (7).
Eczacibasi: Boskovic (24), Gibbemeyer (14), Kilicli (6), Larson – C (14), Dilik (6), Kim (15) – starting line-up, Akoz (libero), Alikaya, Yilmaz.
Points – 79:97, serve – 5:14, spike – 47:59, block – 9:6, reception – 25%:44 %, errors – 30:20.
(Statistics by “Dinamo Kazan” coach-statistics M.Kuzovenin)

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