Ural youth did surprise, but did not become a problem
Date: 8 February 2019, 20:19
Source: Press service Dinamo KAZAN
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Ural youth did surprise, but did not become a problem

In the home match of the 4th round of the Champions League group stage, Kazan Dynamo faced the young enthusiasm of substitute players of the Uralochka-NTMK, but confidently won 3: 0.

Having lost hope of getting into the quarterfinals, Nikolay Karpol gave rest to his main players and sent
a youth team of “Uralochka-NTMK” to Kazan.

1st set. The young players of Uralochka-NTMK, understanding that they have nothing to lose, tried to start and resist, but the hosts, of course, were more professional and confidently won the first set.

2nd set. In the second set, the guests tried to fight more actively, but only to the middle of the set, after that Dinamo KAZAN fully dominated the area.

3rd set. At the beginning of the third set, the brave Ural team were even leading - 8:10, - but then the hosts finally got angry at their lack of coordination and finished the match victoriously.

Leaders of match. The youngest volleyball player on the court became the most prolific in today's match - 15-year-old Tatyana Kadochkina from Dinamo KAZAN scored 15 points. And Marina Maryukhnich was the best on the block - she made 6 kill blocks (on Saturday she had 8 blocks in the match with “Uralochka-NTMK”).

Sergey Sikachev, assistant coach of Dinamo KAZAN:

- Young girls from “Uralochka” tried to fight, and, in my opinion, they turned out quite well. We also brought some of our young players, and we worked out our game interactions today. We tried to set up our team so that there was no relaxation. It can be followed by injuries and loss of points. And the result shows that we have succeeded.

Evgeniya Startseva, captain of Dinamo KAZAN:

- Nevertheless, it was not the main team of Uralochka. We needed to get the score and we did it. In principle, there is nothing more to talk about. Honestly, I was very surprised that the "Uralochka" arrived in a such line-up. I expected today to be a volleyball festival, but it didn’t happen.

Vladimir Vertelko, coach of Uralochka-NTMK EKATERINBURG:

- There is an epidemic of influenza in Yekaterinburg, which also affected the team. Some players got sick, some of them recover. Therefore, we could not arrive in full. Today we watched our reserve. Young players have played quite well. Most importantly, they had the desire to play! Although there were, of course, their own mistakes, which we could not avoid.

Champions League. Pool B. 4th tour.
Dinamo KAZAN (Russia) – Uralochka-NTMK EKATERINBURG (Russia) - 3:0 (25:19, 25:17, 25:21)
5th February. Russia. Kazan. Volleyball Center “Saint Petersburg”.
Referee: Simonovic V. (Serbia). Match time: 1.07 (22+21+24).
Dinamo: Bavykina (11), Maryukhnich (11), Koroleva, Kotikova (12), Startseva – C (4), Kadochkina (15) – starting line-up, Ulanova (libero), Simanikhina (libero), Kochurina (3).
Uralochka: Balai (12), Dmitrieva (4), Evdokimova (1), Vonogova (8), Simonenko (5), Sorokina (3) – starting line-up, Karpol (libero), Chernysheva (1), Maksimova (6).
Points – 75:57, aces – 8:2, spike – 39:34, block – 9:4, reception – 42%:37 %, errors – 18:25.
(Statistics by Dinamo KAZAN coach-statistics M.Kuzovenin)

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