Miracle did not happen
Date: 8 March 2019, 16:05
Source: Press service Dinamo KAZAN
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Miracle did not happen

In the guest match of the 6th round of the Champions League group stage, Dinamo KAZAN lost in three sets to Turkish Eczacibasi and lost chances of reaching the quarterfinals.

Before the match with Eczacibasi, the Kazan team had 3 wins and 10 points, thus outperforming the other second place teams in other groups. Accordingly, the victory with any score in this match gave Dinamo KAZAN the right to move on. Although it is extremely difficult to beat the Turkish superclub, whose players are also very angry after the recent defeat from Vakifbank in the Turkish championship.

1st set. Fortunately, Evgeniya Startseva, captain and setter of the Russian guests, who missed a couple of matches before, has recovered. The game began in a relatively equal fight - 8: 6. But then the young Kazan forwards firmly couldn’t help doing anything against the Turkish block - 14: 9. Also a big problem for Dinamo was the serve of Gamze Alikayya - 18:12. Only in the end the Russians tried to resist - 22:19 - but the hostesses were able to hold the lead and took the first set.

2nd set. In the next set, the Turkish team started very confidently - 7: 3. However the guests did not intend to give up either, and with the score became equal 14:14, Eczacibasi coach was forced to ask for a timeout. After that, the hosts noticeably increased the attack. As well as its destructive role was played by the serve of the second Turkish setter Ezgi Dilik - 22:16.

3rd set. The start of the third set was won by the Russian team - 4: 9 with the help of the serve by the youngest volleyball player 15-year-old Tatiana Kadochkina. This fact wasn not accepted by the host team - soon they leveled the score - 10:10. Kazan team still struggled for a while- 14:13. But Kim Young-kun was very strong in the attack - 19:14. And three aces from Gibbemeyer finally deprived the guests of the chances in this match - 23:16.

Tijana Boskovic, opposite of Eczacibasi ISTANBUL:

- I am happy to win the game in straight sets. We played very well today. It was important for us. We finished the group phase in first place. So, we are looking forward to the next game in the Champions League.

Sona Mikyskova, opposite of Dinamo KAZAN:

- We had troubles in reception today. Our opponent was strong in block. There were times, where we did a good job in attack, but it wasn’t enough.

Champions League. Pool B. 6th tour.
Eczacibasi ISTANBUL (Turkey) – Dinamo KAZAN (Russia) - 3:0 (25:21, 25:18, 25:17)
26th February. Turkey. Istanbul. “Burhan Felek”.
Referee: Bernaola M. (Spain). Match time: 1.10 (24+22+24).
Eczacibasi: Boskovic (21), Gibbemeyer (7), Alikaya (1),  Kilicli (3), Larson – C (12), Kim (10) – starting line-up, Akoz (libero), Ismailoglu, Krsmanovic (1), Dilik (3).
Dinamo: Bavykina (3), Maryukhnich (7), Koroleva (7), Kotikova (6), Statrseva – C (4), Kadochkina (10) – starting line-up, Ulanova (libero), Pasynkova, Mikyskova (4), Malygina.
Points – 75:56, serve – 10:1, spike – 39:31, block – 9:9, reception – 44%:43%, errors – 12:25.
(Statistics by “Dinamo Kazan” coach-statistics M.Kuzovenin)

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