Hardly coped with the Germans
Date: 9 December 2019, 01:00
Source: Press service Dinamo Kazan
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Hardly coped with the Germans
In the first match of the 1/16 CEV Cup final in Potsdam, Dynamo Kazan faced unexpectedly strong resistance from the German team, but was able to grind out a victory on the tiebreak.
Kazan volleyball players had to fly 5 thousand kilometers from Krasnoyarsk, where the previous game took place. And if we take into account all the distance that Dynamo overcame over the last week, the figure will almost double – up to 9 thousand kilometers. At the same time, an important factor is also the time difference, which in Krasnoyarsk with Potsdam is 6 hours. 7 p.m. by Berlin time is 1 a.m. in Krasnoyarsk. Accordingly, the Russians had to fight not only with the opponent, but also with the difficulties of acclimatization. Finally, another problem was that Dynamo arrived in Potsdam without their head coach, and the team was led by his assistant Sergey Sikachev.
1 set. However, the Russians were concentrated and started the match successfully. Kazan attackers stood head and shoulders above the opponents in terms of strength. Bethania de la Cruz`s serve also caused a lot of difficulties to the home team – 11:16. And Samanta Fabris ' quick hits were simply impossible to stop-16:23.
2 set. After such a successful first set, concentration of "Dynamo" players noticeably decreased. It resulted in lowering of the attack speed, both block and defense of the German team became over-successful -15:10. The home team received a positive charge and went on the offensive themselves. Ana Escamilla and Brittany Abercrombie notched several successful attacks and knotted the score by sets.
3 set. When the new attacker Tatiana Kadochkina took the field, it seemed that it helped "Dynamo" to remedy the situation -14:15. Only very soon the German block was able to cope with the attacks of the 16-year-old Russian -21:15. In return the Russian first tempo performed by Irina Koroleva worked well-21: 20. But thanks to the difficult serve of Antonia Stautz "Potsdam" left opponents without normal attack and went ahead in sets-2:1.
4 set. It seemed that nothing will now prevent the Germans from winning – 5:2. But do not pin the Russians down! Rage of the young Kadoshkina in the attack dramatically changed the situation on the court – 8:13. Сonfidence gradually returned to her and to her adult teammates, Fabrice and de la Cruz - 14:19. And "Dynamo" confidently brought the game to a tie-break.
5 set. However, the fifth set provides chances for both teams. And long struggle in it was fair. Even with a slight advantage of the home team - 7:5. But the heroic game in the defense of Libero Anna Podkopaeva helped Dynamo to withstand the onslaught of opponents. And Potsdam leader Brittany Abercrombie, who attacked more than anyone else in the game, was clearly tired and started to make mistakes. Another her mistake eventually brought victory to Dynamo in this match.
CEV Cup. 16th Final. First match.
Potsdam – Dinamo Kazan - 2:3 (17:25, 25:18, 25:20, 20:25, 12:15)
4th December. Germany. Potsdam. MBS Arena.
Referee: Kozic N. (Bosnia). Match time: 1.47 (21+23+25+23+15).
Potsdam: Nichol (5), Abercrombie (24), Medic (11), Stautz (13), Escamilla (14), Grunding (6) – starting line-up, Jegdic (libero).
Dinamo: Biryukova (6), Maryukhnich (8), Koroleva (14), Fabris (20), Statrseva – C (3), de la Cruz (10) – starting line-up, Podkopaeva (libero), Kadochkina (9).
Points – 99:103, serve – 6:1, spike – 49:62, block – 18:12, reception – 42%:45%, errors – 26:26.
(Statistics by “Dinamo Kazan” coach-statistics M.Kuzovenin)

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