From Italy with a victory!
Date: 9 February 2020, 17:40
Source: Press service Dinamo Kazan
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From Italy with a victory!
In the return match of the 8th finals CEV Cup in Italy, Kazan Dinamo beat the local Saugella in four sets and reached the quarterfinals of the tournament.
In the first match in Kazan on January 23, Dinamo defeated the Italian visitors confidently 3:0. Now the Russian have to win only two sets to win the whole series. This was not easy though, as there were too many factors playing against Dinamo before the second match in Italy. These were the previous game in Saint Petersburg against Leningradka team, the late – almost night – time of the match start in Monza, and, of course, the Italian fans.
1st set. But the Russians turned up the heat – 4:8. They made good serves, effectively blocked and vigorously defended. Irina Koroleva made three blocks in this set. Soon the Dinamo’s advantage became overwhelming – 8:16.
2nd set. However, a two-minute break between the sets put the visitor off their stride a little. Also, the hosting team’s coach Carlo Parisi made several important substitutions: for example, a Polish player Katarzyna Scorupa came out to pass. The Italian team’s competitive spirit was also raised by a Brazilian wing-spiker Mariana Costa. Gradually the hosts managed to overtake the initiative – 16:14. That inspired Saugella’s young opposite Kathryn Plummer and she showed the incredible 60% production in the attack. As a result, the hosts equaled the score by sets – 1:1.
3rd set. The third set was decisive. Although the home team started it more successfully – 9:6, the Russians had got used to the changes in playing style of the Italians. They firmly blocked the wing-spiker Floortje Mejners, and the middle blocker Laura Heyrman – 18:22. As a result, the Dinamo’s victory in the third set ensured the Russian team’s entering the next round of the CEV Cup.
4th set. After that, the fighting became strategically senseless for the hosts. Carlo Parisi decided not to strive for “consolation victory” and fielded a half of the second team for the fourth set. Dinamo’s coach Rishat Gilyazutdinov did the same, sending the youth to battle. Hence, the fourth set turned out rather tense too. However, the Russian players had the advantage of mood, and finally they won.
CEV Cup. 8th Final. Second match.
Saugella MONZA – Dinamo KAZAN - 1:3 (16:25, 25:18, 20:25, 20:25)
5 February. Italy. Monza. Candy Arena.
Referee: Strandson R. (Estonia). Match time: 1.39 (23+23+30+23).
Saugella: Heyrman (4), Di Iulio (2), Danesi (5), Orthmann (5), Meijners (9), Plummer (16) – starting line-up, Parrocchiale (libero), Ortolani – С (4), Costa (17), Squacini (1), Skorupa, Obossa (1).
Dinamo: Biryukova (4), Maryukhnich (2), Koroleva (16), Fabris (15), Statrseva – С (7), de la Cruz (17) – starting line-up, Podkopaeva (libero),  Kochurina (2), Popova, Fedorovtseva (9), Akimova (3).
Points – 81:93, serve – 6:6, spike – 47:58, block – 11:11, reception – 46%:50%, errors – 23:22.
(Statistics by “Dinamo Kazan” coach-statistics M.Kuzovenin)

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